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re-mastering my wardrobe.

Hello stranger!
I hope you're doing well, so I had a bit of a writer's block for the last couple of weeks which as been super annoying but after today I realised what I can share with you! Basically I've been re-mastering my wardrobe, what do you mean by this Charlotte? WELL!
In my last job my 'uniform' was all black, but it could be whatever I wanted it to be as long as it's smart, presentable and comfy of course. After growing a fairly big wardrobe of just black clothing I want to give it all a new fashionable life for my everyday life and job! For a long while now I've been wanting to update my black wardrobe to be more chic and fashion forward in a sense of them 'Tumblr/Insta street style' images we're always see across almost every platform and magazine. You know the kind I mean, the tailored coated, laid back jeans - trainer combo and a crisp white shirt. Very effortless - yet timeless.

But of course if you know me well I do enjoy a graphic/band tee once in a while but I do feel this can still be workable in this new re-mastered wardrobe, it's defo a working progress project but I've already kick started it. The aim of the game is when I'm buying items to wear for work I want to be able to style these pieces into chic outfits outside my working hours, but also getting my moneys worth out of the clothing. I use to be one of them A-holes that saw something and had to buy it there and then without a thought, then get bored of it after a couple of wears and bin it - damn fast fashion! And this was such a negative impact on my bank balance but also the environment. But we won't fall so deeply down that hole today, that's a topic for a different day.

I hope this all making sense so far, bare with me on this one okay! So I thought I would share with you my inspo board that I'm always adding images too (it's basically a keynote presentation) to get outfit ideas from, plus I do love myself some Pinterest! come follow me and share your Pinterest links below in the comments! So my inspiration boards are based around how to create a number of different looks with layering the same items but in different ways and of course also still managing to stick to all black and neutral colour story.
So these are the key items to kick start this re-mastered chic wardrobe:
'leather' biker jacket / structured handbag / loose fitting T-shirt / jeans / white trainers - black boots / tailored coat - blazer
I feel most of these items are easy to get hold of but also key staple items in anyones wardrobe and definitely items worth investing in. I would say the best place to purchase most of the the items I mentioned is Zara, because their prices ain't too expensive and the clothing is made to last. My boyfriend bought me a PU-leather biker jacket almost 2 years ago now and it still looks brand new. I pretty much wear that jacket everyday. Then I would say the second best place to get a decent pair of boots, I normally buy my boots from Topshop and I highly recommend keeping an eye out for random offers they do - regularly they do 20% off a selected lines/styles or be cheeky and use your friends student discount hehe. Next basic t-shirts, I normally pick mine up from Primark in the men's departments for £2 a pop and I find that they wash really well and also inexpensive, which is a bonus in my eyes. Once you've got you basic wardrobe in place it's just the case of adding and layering on. I am planning to do mini IGTV videos over on instagram showing you how I do my layering on to keep it chic but current to trends. If you would also like me to do more in-depth videos over on youtube do let me know!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post! Hopefully in the next one I shall have some photos of myself in my new updated wardrobe pieces! I would love for you to leave me a comment with ideas of what you would like me to post next but also tell me what your wardrobe staple item is. I think it would be interesting to see the differences between people.

Much Love, Charlotte x

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