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A Cute Dress & Fishnets

Heya! It's me again. I know I've been terrible and haven't posted in forever but I'm here posting this outfit because after wearing this very outfit at work and having a couple of the girls say 'you need to blog this outfit' I think you should take it that as a hint to post about it! So if you've been following me for a while you would most likely know that I don't really do the whole 'girly girl' kinder thing when it comes to my outfit builds. I enjoy making outfits my own by jazzing them up with a chunky boot and a leather jacket (in this case) or even throwing on a oversized hoodie or denim jacket. I've noticed the whole ruffle, frill and lace layering and bibs style is coming in and being showcased everywhere at the moment but being a girl with a big chest and not so girly I wasn't completely sold on the idea of investing in this trend until the other day when going into my local Topshop and I laid my eyes on this dress. Not even going to lie I walked around that store for about half hour holding the dress trying to decide if I needed it or not while also trying to figure out what the hell I would wear it with to make it my own. With some convincing from one of my friends I took the dive and bought the damn dress, plus many other things... Topshop is a dangerous place to be with payday around the corner plus having staff discount, things just happen to slip into your shopping basket. Shit happens as some say.So with that all being said I made this dress my own by pairing it with my leather jacket which I picked up from Topshop in Oxford Circus about a month ago and I can't lie, doing this almost made me miss my train back to Cardiff because I got too distracted and engrossed with their sale. Oopies but was totally worth it though, just look at how wonderful it is! Another trend that I'm completely inlove with is fishnet tights! it's a thang and I'm enjoying it as I feel like I can show off my slutty side but in a sly way LOL JK but I can't lie I've been wearing them at lease twice a week even though we really haven't had the weather to do so, but you've got to live life on the edge a little specially when it comes to fashion! Then at last I've got my Miss Selfridge boots on, yup you've read right these bad boys are from Miss Selfridge it took me a little off guard too. I've been on a hunt for a while looking for the perfect boot that can be worn all year around and I truly believe these are them, I adore that they have the cut outsides ready for summer but I can also show off my slutty ankles in my fishnet tights this season, hehe. I've also noticed that metal hardwear and buckles on boots is also a big thing this season. Also I would like to add these boots are super comfy I highly recommend them to anyone thats looking for a good pair of boots, plus their only £49 at the moment.
I finished the overall look with a red lip and a neutral eye as I didn't want too much to draw away from the dress detailing. I would love to know how you would personally style this dress to make it your own.
Much Love, Charlotte
photography credit: Sammy Hamilton | www.elephantphotography.co.uk

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