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 The wonderful people over at Best British Blogger team teamed up with ghd and reached out to me challenging me to create a festival hairstyle with their amazing atlantic jade straighteners and their hair care products, so I came up with this! I wanted to create something that is super easy to do without too much fuss because lets face it when you're getting ready for a festival you've most likely had a bit to drink and you know by the time you get to the festival and jumped around to your favourite bands your hair will be out of control! 
With this hairstyle I think it can easily be achieved with both short and long hair. When you scroll down you will see that I added hair extensions to the style for thickness and of course length. I wanted to create that hippy care-free feel to the look but easy to maintain or even add to.

I used the products pictured below for the whole look! So realistically you don't need that much for this hair style, bonus jonas!

I started off spraying my hair with the ghd's heat protection spray then I went on to straightening out any frizz out of my hair to get a good base to work with. I then added my hair extensions which of course is optional, I wanted to add depth and volume to my hair, sadly my hair is very flat and thin and I wanted something to play with. I clip in a row of hair extensions brushed them out with a layer of my own hair and added in some of ghd's curl hold spray and I started creating what I like to call mermaid waves. You do a pull up motion like you're about to pull your hair around the straightener to create a curl but then you loosen the hair straightener move down the part of hair and do the same but pull down this time. I repeat this along the same piece of hair until I reach the end then you should get this wavy effect to your hair.

Once I added in all my hair extensions and blended them in with my own hair using the mermaid wave effect I started taking sections of my hair and plaited them. finishing them off with a small clear hair elastic, I picked up a small bag of these from Primark for £1.50. Once I felt like I had enough little plaits running through my hair I started adding the hair rings to my plaits. I found it easier pulling the rings open and sliding them through a part of my plait then pushing the ring closed. Of course I chose the rose gold rings to match my make up. I also picked these rings up from Primark in their Accessories clearance for £1, but I have seen loads of different styles of these hair rings everywhere. Topshop have an amazing collection at the moment - a bit more on the pricey side.

Then tada! You're all finished. You might be blessed and already have naturally long wavy hair so all you've got to do is add the mini plats and hair rings. The best thing about this hairstyle it's so cheap to do but you can easily add to it also, for example you can get away wearing a hat or a head scarf or a even add glitter to your roots! This is something I would do a couple days into a festival to hide how greasy hair is tehehe.
I hope you liked this mini tutorial and given you some inspiration! If you do try this hair style please take a picture and tag me it over on Instagram or twitter! @charltomwintale I would love to see :)
Much Love, Charlotte .xo


  1. Your hair looks incredible! Love the makeup too xx

    1. Thank you Eloise! I wish it was acceptable for me to wear make up like this everyday hehe .xo

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