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Hello Lovelies
So where do I begin? If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned that I've moved to Cardiff and landed myself my dream job!
A fair share of people have questioned both me and my boyfriend on why we decided to get up and move away from London/Essex to go to Wales and the simple answer is: it's cheaper and so many opportunities are available here. For example our friends moved to Cardiff a couple years ago for university and after they graduated they went straight into jobs that they have studied/graduated in.

Moving here surprisingly didn't take much planning, I don't know if it was a streak of luck for us but everything just fell into place. So after we decided on the area we wanted to live within Cardiff and the price bracket we were willing to spend a month for rent we started looking at flats to get an idea of value for money. We then started looking for jobs in what we specialist in, the boyfriend's being Network Support and mine being Visual Merchandising and Creative.
We applied for loads of different jobs and because we both had loads of experience and worked within London we got loads of positive feedback and many people getting back to us asking for us to come for interviews. 
While this was all happening my Manager got me a transfer to another store which meant I didn't need to leave the retail company I worked for and I definitely had a job to go too straight away when I moved, which was lovely and of course I accepted it. But even then I was still searching for other jobs to see if anything else was going that fitted my skill set better and that's when I stumbled across my dream job! After contacting this store which so happened to be within the retail company I already worked for I explained to them my situation of moving to Cardiff and that I'm a experienced Visual Merchandiser. They asked me to send over my CV and a portfolio.
After a couple of days the Manager got back to me asking me when I was free and available to come in for a interview, I met both him and the Regional VM for a interview and the more I spoke to them the more excited I got about job role and I just knew I needed the job! After leaving the store all hopeful and excited with all my fingers crossed I heard back from the store manager offering me the job the following day so of course I accepted!
While all of this was happening we put a deposit on a flat that so happened to be one floor below our friend's flat and we got accepted for that also and at this point I just couldn't believe all of this was happening.

So that's it! I've got my dream job, a lovely home and a fresh start. 
What more could a girl ask for?

If you're interested in how I got into Visual Merchandising and want some advise etc let me know in the comments below and I will either do a blog post or a YouTube video :D
Much Love, Charlotte .xo

Disclaimer: photos aren't mine or of my flat I found them on polyvore and made a college :)