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L.A.B.2 Pro Strokes Of Genius Brush Kit

So I'm back with a review of some makeup brushes! affordable ones at that! 
So for a while now I've been on the hunt for some new eyeshadow brushes which are both affordable but also really good quality, sounds easy doesn't it? But it really isn't, after 4 months deciding if I should splash out on some Smashbox brushes or even a mac brush I thought I would hold out a little longer and see what pops up and I'm glad that I did!

So only yesterday I picked up this brushes in Superdrug, I'm not going to lie the packaging captured my eye and I'm a sucker for clean branding design (being a graphic gradate, ha) So I picked up the set and straight away got my phone out and googled L.A.B.2 as it's a brand I've never heard of before. After googling the brand and saw that they are mainly sold in America I was like YUP! I'm having these... I'm not too sure how that works but it did and it happened.
Now down to brushes. In this kit which I picked up you get a set of five, but with one of the brushes (see images) is double ended, so I guess you technically have six brushes? 
When I pulled the brushes out of the box I was pleasantly surprised to find that the brushes's handles have a silicone feel to them, straight away loved this feature it makes the brushes feel so soft and comfortable to hold/use. Secondly the the brush fibres are super soft, on the packaging it says they use 'FiberLuxe Technology' which is meant to provide superior pigment pick-up and optimal release and of course I put this to the test and it basically does what it says on the tin/packaging.

I've been using these brushes for about a month now and I'm really impressed. I've had no problems will full-out bristles/fibres even after washing them a bunch of times. They pick product up very well and also apply it smoothly. I do find that the silicone feel to them seriously do help with applying makeup as you have more of a firm grip which gives you more control, specially with the thin eyeliner brush which is just amazing for creating that perfect cat-eye flick. I'm also really enjoying the crease brush it's perfect for applying eyeshadow to the crease (of course) but it blends any eyeshadow so effortlessly and sleek, so it's really handy for creating a smokey eye.

The brush I didn't use that much was the lash groomer part of the brow and lash groomer brush (that's a bit of a mouth full). I find that my mascara brush grooms/separate my eyelashes just fine but I did find myself using the brow/spiral eyebrow brush part daily to groom and tame my brows into shape before using the angle brush with my brow powder.

Overall I think this is the perfect starters kit for anyone that want to start taking makeup more seriously but also great for people that don't want to spend £25 on a single eyeshadow brush like me. I'm definitely going to looking into L.A.B.2 and see what over brush kits and products they have to offer. I seriously think they are great value for money.
Much Love
Charlotte .xo

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