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Hello Lovelies

I'm sorry for my lack of posts over the last couple of months, I truly shocked myself when I realised my last blog entry was back in September! A little disappointed in myself I'm not going to lie, but in that time frame a lot of things have happened.
Has some of you may know I've been working non-stop in a Arcadia store trying to build up my portfolio for Visual merchandising and creative, it's something I have a huge passion for but it does take up a lot of time, on average I'm doing 40 hours a week! But we're now in 2015! And I've promised myself that I will use my free time more wisely and focus more on my Blogging and Youtube channels, because they are my creative outlet and I miss the community so much!

So basically after all that rambling I'm trying to say is that I'm going to be back posting once a week both on here and also over on my YouTube channel, also on top of that start! I'm gonna start vlogging again for my second channel. I've got my work cut out but it's a fresh new year and I know if I stick to doing all these things, great things will happen.

Time is precious and can easily be wasted or even taken away from us with a blink of a eye.

So with the new year here I've already posted two new videos over on my main YouTube channel and I finally have a domain set up for this blog thanks to my wonderful boyfriend - a fab christmas present on his behalf, I must say. 

I hope the new year brings you great things and great inspiration.
Much Love
Charlotte .xo


  1. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! Best of luck

    1. Thank you Thomas, I'm taking all the luck I can get :) .xo