Hello there! Welcome to my fashion and lifestyle internet diary. Regularly I post about my day to day regarding personal experiences, but of course sharing my outlook on fashion trends and building my wardrobe around them and myself. I do post the odd foodie related posts, plus my finds and discoveries of amazing independent business in my local city of Cardiff.




I hope you have all be well! I'm finally on my last and final week of university, so weird to think how quickly these years have past. Anyways! Today I'm bring you this casual outfit post with a little twist at the back. Last week in London we had a random couple of days of hot weather so I took full advance of this and showed a little bit of leg and a little bit of back. I wanted something cooling and breathable to wear on that day but as some of you know, being in England the weather changes as quick as a blink of an eye, so I decided to take along with me denim shirt incase it got a little bit chilly. 

| Hat: H&M | Denim Shirt: Charity Shop | Dress: Primark | Caged bralet: H&M | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Bag: TX Max |

I didn't go too crazy on accessories, I just added my Daniel Wellington watch that I don't wear enough! I feel that I such a classic but simple piece. Once again I'm using my trusty TX Max bag (trusty because it yet hasn't broke under the weight of stuff I carry around with me). Lastly I wore my black hat from H&M to keep the sun getting to the roots of my hair, I've noticed lately that my roots are starting to grow through really dark and starting to give my hair a natural ombre look and normally my hair gets lighten up by the sun easily. Might all sound a little nuts, but oh well!
Oh and the shoes! My biggest bargain of the year so far, I bought them back In February (I believe) from Urban Outfitters for the grand total of £5! Such a steal I know.

After next week I should be back to blogging as normal, as I shall be free from university! 
Much Love