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So I'm back with another outfit post, but this time I'm featuring my Boyfriend's tee. I know I can't be the only girl out there that steals items of clothing from their boyfriend's wardrobe, I'm quite lucky that me and my boyfriend have the same style/fashion sense. I'm always eyeing up his clothes and I love the fact that all his T-shirts fit me like dresses... and I'm pretty sure we all know by now, that I love buying oversized men's t-shirts and wearing them as dresses, a true weakness of mine.

Dress: Men's Tee - Gap (Large) | Denim Jacket: Levi - Blitz London | Leather Boots: eBay (Vintage) | Rings: Primark
Photos taken by Charlotte Summers

So I threw on my beloved light wash denim jacket and also a pair of shorts under the tee just to make sure I wouldn't be doing any bum flashing that day and I was then on my way.
To add a bit of colour I also threw on my Ox Blood red vintage boots which I picked up on eBay this time last year for a complete bargain. 
At the moment I'm really enjoying Primark's false nails, I normally have acrylic nails but I haven't had the time to go to salon (I normally go, which is in South London) so to hide my horrible nails I've been sticking these on as a quick fix and I have to say they last for ages! I've had this set on for a week and only one same loose. 
Do you steal and style your boyfriend's clothes?

Much Love