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Coat: Miss Selfridges | Shirt: Primark | Shorts: Vintage | Belt: Primark | Bag: TX Maxx | Shoes: New Look

Hello Lovelies

I hope you're all well! So today I went to Shoreditch with my wonderful friend Charlotte Summers to do some location scouting for future shoots and she kindly offered to take some quick snaps of my outfit, so here we go! Saw this huge piece of art work and thought the orange would truly make my pink coat pop. I know a lot of people have a love hate relationship with the pink coat trend and I have to admit myself I wasn't a huge fan but everyday walking into work I would see this coat and it slowly grew on me and I craved and bought it. Considering I don't own anything pink this was a big purchase, being a coat costing around the £80 mark... don't worry I got my staff discount so it was a lil less costly - so I keep telling myself to make myself feel less bad about buying in it, ha.  

Would you be daring enough to purchase a bold colour coat?
Much Love