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Hello Lovelies
As most of you know London Fashion Week starts this Friday and I honestly can't wait! I'm going to 4 different events this year, so I'm going to be a busy bee so I thought I would share with you my LFW essentials which I've kept minimal as possible as I plan to take just a clutch bag with me to all the events.
So of course I will be taking my purse that will contain my invites/tickets, money and Oyster card. Next thing is a pair of sunglasses because I'm truly hoping the weather will brighten up again for us.
My new beloved leather note book and pen, why have a boring note book when you can have a fancy one? I'm bring this with me so I can jot down notes from any of the catwalks to use later on for my youtube videos and of course my blog.
My phone so I can keep my followers updated on twitter and Instagram of whats happenings etc and I will also be bring my compact face power and my statement red lipstick that goes with my planned outfits. You never know when you might need a touch up.
Finally is my new baby. My camera. This is my early 21st birthday present from my parents, they wanted me to have the camera early so I can use it at LFW and I've been playing around with this camera non-stop.
I haven't yet decided on what clutch bag I'm using/going to take with me, but I have seen a lovely one in Forever 21 which I may need to buy hehe. But Next week I will be sharing with you the outfits I wore to LFW and of course photos of the events. Just a heads up I will be vlogging all the events I attend to for my second YouTube channel.

Are you going to LFW and if so what essentials are you taking?
Much Love